4 - 25 OCTOBER 2018


Black Door Gallery, 251 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, NZ


WHISPER & SHOUT Installation Views

WHISPER & SHOUT presented top New Zealand artists in the disciplines of painting, sculpture and glass art from the Black Door Gallery collection.


Cam Edward created works to accompany other contemporary New Zealand artists whose works invited the viewer to explore the idea of volume in art.


Artists presented works that aimed to turn up or down the volume of their ideas through scale across a range of mediums. Artists presented large and small works paired together to show how playfulness with scale creates unique perspectives on the underlying concept. 

Little Minty.jpg

Little Minty, 2018

400 x 300 mm

Little Blue.jpg

Little Blue, 2018

400 x 300 mm


Flamingo, 2018

400 x 300 mm

High Viz.jpg

Hi Viz, 2018

400 x 300 mm

Little Red.jpg

Little Red, 2018

400 x 300 mm


Bounce, 2018

1500 x 1000 mm